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1. August 2022

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WOD 08/01/2022


Warm Up

1. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate
2:00 Run (easy pace)
6 min amrap:
2 Power Cleans (empty bar – build across)
2 Push Press
2 Clean and Jerks
3 World’s Greatest Stretch (each side)

2. Workout Prep
2 sets:
50m Run (workout pace)
4 Clean and Jerks (touch and go, build in weight)

Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

„Madison, Wisconsin“

Freedom (RX’d)

5 sets (Every 3:30)
200m Run
12 Clean and Jerks (135/95)
** Touch and Go **

* KG Barbell: (61/43)

5 sets (Every 3:30)
200m Run
12 Clean and Jerks (95/65)
* KG Barbell: (43/29)

5 sets (Every 3:30)
150m Run
12 Dumbbell Clean and Jerks (light)

Target time each set: 1:30-1:50
Time cap each set: 2 minutes

* See Coaches Notes for Limited Equipment and Large Class Option

Flat Bench DB Chest Fly (4 sets: 12 reps)

*Rest 1:00-1:30 b/t sets

*Build to a light/moderate weight. Stay the same and focus on strict control throughout

Focus: Lying on a bench, extend two dumbbells towards the ceiling. Keeping a slight bend in the elbows, lower the dumbbells out to the sides. Dumbbells should be kept in line with the sternum or slightly lower. Shoulders should be loaded back against the bench through the entire movement. Refrain from going deeper than the level of the bench at end range. Movement can also be performed while lying on the floor.

Flat Bench DB Chest Fly


Seated Alternating DB Curl (4 sets: 10 reps (each side))

*Rest 1:00-1:30 b/t sets

*Build to a light/moderate weight. Stay the same and focus on strict control throughout

Focus: Stay with a weight that will allow for control and minimal kipping of reps. Sit on the edge of a bench or surface that will allow for the hands to be lowered to the sides of the body rather than being stopped by the surface that athlete is sitting on (ex. if the athlete sat in the middle of the bench). Keep dumbbells slightly in front of the body at the bottom position to keep tension on the biceps throughout set. When curling, turn the arm thinking about getting the pinky finger close to the shoulder to maximize contraction with each rep.

Seated Alternating DB Curl


1 min couch stretch (each side)
1 min twisted cross (each side)
30 sec bicep stretch on wall (each side

[Couch Stretch]()
[Twisted Cross]()
[Bicep Wall Stretch]()

Warm Up

Mayhem Ready: Keep an eye on your hip rotation, it will save your butt

Unsere Maßnahmen zu COVID-19


Deine Gesundheit steht für uns an erster Stelle. Daher kümmern wir uns natürlich darum, dass Du Dein Training bei uns jederzeit ohne Sorge fortsetzen kannst. Wir brauchen dazu jedoch auch Deine Mithilfe - denn nur gemeinsam kann das funktionieren. Bitte beachte bei Deinem Workout stets unsere aktuell geltenden Hygienehinweise und Regeln und desinfiziere weiterhin alles, was Du anfasst.

Zusätzlich findest Du hier weitere Regeln, die zu beachten sind:

  • Ab 03.04. entfallen sämtliche Corona-Schutzmaßnahmen und Zutrittsbeschränkungen. Das heißt, Du darfst wieder ganz ohne Einschränkungen zu uns ins Training kommen - Du brauchst keinen Impf-, Genesenen- oder Testnachweis mehr vorzeigen. Bitte halte Dich dennoch an alle allgemein gültigen Hygienemaßnahmen und Verhaltensregeln für ein achtsames und faires Miteinander.Es besteht damit auch keine Maskenpflicht mehr - Wir empfehlen Dir zu Deinem und unserem Schutz jedoch weiterhin auf allen Laufwegen und in den Umkleiden eine Mund- und Nasenbedeckung zu tragen. Danke

Wir freuen uns, Dich (wieder) persönlich bei uns zu begrüßen. Bis bald und bleib gesund.

Dein Kampfgeist Team.


Your health is our first priority. Therefore, we naturally take care that you can continue your training with us at any time without worry. However, we also need your help - because this can only work together. Please always follow our current hygiene instructions and rules during your workout and continue to disinfect everything you touch.

In addition, you will find further rules to be observed here:

  • As of 03.04. all Corona protection measures and access restrictions will no longer apply. That means you can come to our training again without any restrictions - you don't need to show any vaccination, convalescence or test certificate anymore. Nevertheless, please adhere to all generally valid hygiene measures and rules of conduct for a respectful and fair cooperation.Masks are no longer required - however, we recommend that you continue to wear a mouth and nose covering on all paths and in the locker rooms for your own and our protection. Thank you

We are looking forward to welcoming you personally (again). See you soon and stay healthy.

Your Kampfgeist Team.